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Orange Manjushri


Today, I had a great honor to receive the Orange Manjushri wang from Ling Rinpoche. I’ve received enough jenangs and wangs since May 2019 that today I walked into the Sera Jey Tehor Khangtsen gompa without apprehension or fear.

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Rain is a precious thing. The millions and billions of tiny drumbeats strike upon the earth each day reshuffling water from one place to the next. Rain is amazing.




The image above is the main area where I study.  The other area is my bed.  The lamp has a rechargeable battery which lasts many hours for when the power goes out — which is frequent. 


First Entry From India


It’s hard to summarize what’s happened or to give any sort of coherent glimpse of life since I arrived here.  Each time I try, it seems too complicated, too amazing, and so I give up. Then several days later I try again, only to find things are even more complicated and amazing. I guess that’s just how things are in life.

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