Little Buddhas

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We believe that human nature and particularly children are inherently good, and that our natural desire is to be both free and connected. The Little Buddhas program is to nurture and awaken children’s life energy- bodhicitta -which wants to be free and happy and wants others to be free and happy.

We want to support parents and caregivers in being bodhisattva parents and provide help and structure to create healthy and happy families. One aspect of this is to offer childcare during Sunday services, from 11-12:30. Children approximately four years old and older, are supervised by credentialed teachers and volunteers in the community room.

We offer an enlivening and educational atmosphere, which can include for example: arts and crafts, games, reading, science experiments, singing, cooking, meditation and free play. Our Little Buddhas also participate in physical activities, such as treasure hunts, dodge ball, and nature walks. We hope that it is a place where kids will make friends, have fun, and feel loved.

The kids’ program is a cooperative effort, where parents and other sangha can contribute. As the program expands we will need parents to volunteer on a rotating schedule. The sangha is also able to support the Little Buddhas by, for instance, assisting with childcare when there are a lot of kids, donating supplies, or helping to create special activities for the children.

For more information and to RSVP, please contact Erika at