Mindful Recovery and Healing is unique in several ways from the traditional 12 step recovery format that many people have encountered. This meeting incorporates the healing aspect of Medicine Buddha practice through prayers, visualization, mantra recitation and meditation. The Medicine Buddha mantra is very powerful and can create a healing vibration and environment within the body. This recovery approach allows more than just survival; there can be healing of the deepest traumas through loving self-care, compassion, self-acceptance and forgiveness. This group offers an opportunity for integrating recovery into a spiritual path that allows for real healing and wellness.

The meetings are held every Sunday from 9am to 10:30 am at the Lion’s Roar Dharma Center, B Street location. The meetings start with introductions using first names and recovery-related announcements. There is also recitation of a metta prayer, our teacher’s 12 steps of Liberation, and a sobriety and serenity checklist. Readings and our teacher’s 12 steps are used to generate meditation topics. Five minutes of Medicine Buddha mantra recitation, meditation instruction and 20 minutes of meditation take place before the group sharing begins.

Confidentiality is important – what is said in group, stays in group. We share from our own personal experience, strength and hope; not directly referencing someone else’s share. After sharing is complete, there is a closing circle.

Please check the calendar for dates, times and location.

Practice Text

You can download a PDF of the Lion’s Roar Dharma Center Mindful Recovery and Healing book here.

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