Harmony Restoration

Coming Together

Harmony Restoration is a heart-centered approach, that truly values knowing each other thro
ugh human connection, heart to heart. The foundation of our harmony is the five precepts along with regular dharma practice. We have already chosen to come together; our challenges give us the special opportunity to grow together.


Insight is revealed through the practice of compassionate listening, deep looking, and letting go of notions, rather than through accumulation of intellectual knowledge. We are determined to learn to listen deeply, without judging or reacting, and to refrain from uttering words that can create discord or cause the community we value to break. (source: 2nd & 8th Mindfulness Training)


Our goal is the restoration of harmony with each other and within our community. Each of us shall approach this process with harmony and dharma in mind.


Challenges are when our hearts and minds are stretched and overwhelmed, and we are not able to resolve this from our own side privately.


A few suggestions

  • This is a process about harmony, not about who is right and who is wrong.
  • Strong emotions may be present. It is important to acknowledge them, but do not let them take over.
  • The mediator is a dharma friend, mutually chosen, who wishes to see harmony restored.
  • A solution to this challenge is possible within dharma.
  • Solutions may involve the broader community or may time to implement.

The Process

Presenting the Challenge

The mediator will select one party to present their experience of the challenge first. All parties should practice compassionate communication as described on page 1. Every party will have an opportunity to present their experience in turn. The mediator will gently guide you through this process.

Offer Solutions

Each party should offer a solution to the challenge. The mediator will restate these solutions. Often the solutions offered are not that different from one another. Harmony may not be as distant as it once seemed. Listen deeply to each other and the mediator, truly hear with your hearts. The mediator may offer some solutions based on the ones presented by the parties.


Harmony is in your hearts and minds, not in your challenge. You can reach harmony even if you have not yet reached a practical solution to your challenge. If this is the situation, the mediation will give you information on how to proceed with the restoration process. Take the next few moments together to practice harmony, if you know the practice of Tong Len, this may be one way to help do so.


Sit and meditate together.

Downloadable and Printable Documents

Each aspect of the process of restoring harmony is covered in an individual PDF booklet. You can download them for viewing or printing below:

  1. Harmony Restoration Guiding Principles (the same as this page)
  2. Board Harmony Restoration
  3. Single Mediator Harmony Restoration
  4. Independent Mediator Harmony Restoration
  5. Triumvirate Harmony Restoration Program