Lion’s Roar Dharma Center
A Center for Religious and Humanistic Buddha Dharma


iberating Points – these are a few universal principles which we can always rely on.

  • Everyone has Buddha Nature – indestructible goodness and value.
  • Science and Medicine, Logic and Reasoning are inexhaustible resources.
  • Listening is always free.
  • We believe in cause and effect.

RRealistic Points – there are always hard truths or gaps between our aspirations and the reality of our actions. We can and should be honest about them.

  • Justice should be fair and for all, we hope to help it be so.
  • Black Lives Matter, as individuals we may still be learning what this means and how to make sure Black Lives Matter everywhere. As an organization run by individuals, we foster this willingness and learning.
  • Health(care) for All is a complex issue at home and around the world. Health should not be a privilege.
  • Housing for All: everyone deserves not only a roof over their head, but safety underneath it.

Direction Points – the small changes we can make now, which over time will have a large impact; also, points which we see as important to our shared future.

  • Sustainable Economic activities
  • Protecting and Restoring the Environment for future generations
  • Engaging as a society in Restorative Justice, rather than punitive models
  • Technology and Tradition can coexist.

ulminating Points – the principles which flow through everything we do.

  • Intersectionality: all that we do effects all that others do.
  • Bodhisattva acts – benefitting other – is a beautiful practice and way of life.
  • Investigate, be curious.
  • Community is how we understand the Liberating Points.



  • We are an Intentional Community, which we recognize may not be for everyone.
  • LRDC maintains a hierarchical structure within the Vajrayana Tradition.
  • Investigation into what we do is encouraged – everyone comes with different perspectives and backgrounds.
  • Our Religious and Humanistic programs are intended to be accessible to the broader Sacramento community, including those who do not identify as Buddhist.

Creating a world where people are both independent and connected with others.

We envision a world which is born of making the Lion’s Roar. This is proclaiming the true sweet life ‘la dolce vita’ – the joy wisdom that is always eternally present.

This blissful wisdom world gives birth to knowing who we are and knowing who others are – true relationships of love, knowledge, and freedom.

The Buddha was enlightened to this interdependent world and made the “Lion’s Roar”. Today we can both still hear it and proclaim it anew.

A Song For Finding Our True Home

Namo Guru Bey!

In the Dharma of the vast expanse

All wanderings are dissolved.

In the Dharma of the uncontrived view

All doubts are resolved.

In the Dharma of the incomparable meditation

All yogas agree on one point.

In the Dharma of the vast activity

All wishes are accomplished!

Dearest heart root father lama

Bless me with your loving kindness.

Dearest loving Mother of the Buddhas

Bless me with spontaneous blissful wisdom.

Bestow the accomplishments of Body, Speech and Mind!

Please bless us that we may come home to ourselves.

Please bless us that we may create a home for all.

Please bless us that we may ripen our hidden qualities.

Please bless us that we may share with others our loving kindness.

Bless us that we resolve all conflict on the spot.

Bless us that we may see through the tricks of self-cherishing.

Bless us that we may trust each other.

Bless us that we appreciate our short time here!

~Sarva Mangalam~

This poem was written in one sitting by the Sacramento yogi Tang Nyom Dorje (Lama Yeshe Jinpa) at the request of his Dharma friend.