“Few will hear the secrets hidden within the notes” ~ Rumi

Experience ancient cosmic chants played in traditional eastern Kirtan style music with Indian instruments. In the mix we add contemporary, soul and gospel songs as well as blend sounds with ancient chants. This unique blending of eastern and western music styles is sure to touch the heart and soul. We hope you will join us for a joy filled and uplifting program. No music experience necessary.

Every great spiritual tradition uses the repetition of a single word, a phrase or a series of phrases as one of its practices of awakening. In some cases, the practice is done in the quiet of our own mind, as in the Buddhist practice of Loving Kindness (Metta). In other cases, it is spoken or sung out loud, sometimes to the accompaniment of musical instruments. Depending on the tradition, these practices are referred to as chanting, kirtan or mantram. Kirtan is a Sanskrit word for devotional singing or chanting. Songs, hymns, chants and mantras are put to music known in India as Bhajans. They come in a variety of forms and languages including Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit, Pali and English. Many are ancient chants and mantras given to us by saints, sages, yogis and great masters from long, long ago.

Journey To Awaken Kirtan honors rays of the One light of spiritual wisdom, as expressed through chanting in the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Judaic traditions.

When chanting, it is best to focus inward, singing with devotion rather than emotion, and to sit in silence afterwards with your awareness focused inwardly and upwardly, resting in the quiet stillness generated by the chant itself. Certainly the chant is important, but often it is the silence afterwards that moves us.

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