What are we doing here/ What’s the point?
* We’re becoming Buddhas.

– Do I have to convert to Buddhism?
* No, just take what you need.

– How do I get started?
* Ask a member about our program

.- Is Buddhism a religion?
* Yes, it’s a humanistic religion; Buddha is not a god, he merely claimed to be Awake.

– Do you worship the Buddha?
* No, but we show respect for his teachings.

– Do you worship the Dalai Lama?
* No, but we appreciate his commitment to peace.

– What’s with the bowing?
* We’re showing respect and gratitude to the Lama, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha – the Four Refuges.

– Is this a personality cult?
* No, but a deep connection with your Teacher is necessary.

– Can I talk to the monk or Lama?
* Absolutely, ask a member for an introduction.

– Is it normal to feel a little nervous in a temple, or around a Lama?
* Sure; new people and places can make us all nervous.

– Can I ask questions?
* Absolutely.

– Do I need to say the prayers?
* No, you can just follow along.

-How much time does this take?
* That’s up to each individual.

-Can I talk inside the temple?

– Can I wear shoes in the temple?
* Yes

– Can I get up during talks, leave early or arrive late?
* Yes, quietly please.

– Do I have to sit on the floor? Is it better?
* No, it’s neither necessary nor better.

– Is it okay to take pictures of the temple and thangkas?
* Yes.

– Can I walk up onto the altar?
* Yes, please feel welcome.

– What are all of those paintings and images in the temple?
* They inspire us to cultivate the qualities of the Buddhas.

– How can I help support the temple?
* Honestly? Donations of any size are appreciated.

– Do I have to make a donation?
* No, only as you are able.

– Do I have to come to everything?
* No, pace yourself.

– Do I have to believe in karma or rebirth?
* No.

– Do I have to become a vegetarian?
* No.

– Do I really need to meditate?
* Even short periods help.

– Is it okay that I find meditation difficult?
* Yes, but time and practice helps.

– Are you against other religions?
* No, we respect any paths that teach peace.

– Am I too messed up to be here?
* It’s why we’re all here.

– Is Tantra really all about sex?
* No; it is about the continuity of awareness.

– What stuff should I buy?
* There’s no need to spend a lot of money.

– What books do I need?
* Please see our suggested reading list.

– Do I need an altar?
* Not to begin with.

– What should I put on my altar?
* A Buddha statue, a sacred text, a candle; flowers if you want.

– What are sentient beings?
* Any beings with feelings.

– Do I really have to be nice to everybody?
* It helps to try!

– If there’s a problem, who do I talk to?
* Lama Jinpa, senior students.

– Can I bring my kids?
* Yes, any time – some services include childcare.

– Can I still watch TV/movies/listen to popular music if I’m a meditator/Buddhist?
* Yes, you don’t have to behave like a monk or nun.

– When do I become a Lama?
* After years of practice, study and special permission.

– How am I ever going to memorize all of this stuff?
* Time and practice.