Rain is a precious thing. The millions and billions of tiny drumbeats strike upon the earth each day reshuffling water from one place to the next. Rain is amazing.

It’s high summer, and the plants the lush and green in India. Rain falls copiously from the sky daily. It is an amazing site to see. Soft green grass, mango trees with leaves mostly green – a few will turn red and fall, but never all of them at once. This is not Golden California by any means. I love the golden hills of CA, but the dry grass, and dying tree, and the new fire season is concerning. There is no water conservation happening here, but there is a respect for the resource which I did not grow up with. And yes, these are different things. 

These days, rain clouds, huge high cumulonimbus roll overhead throughout the morning intermixed with sunshine. It’s enough to linedry laundry, with a watchful eye. Then, sometime in the afternoon, they let loose! A bit of wind, and everything is drenched in minutes. It might be five minutes long, it might be an hour, it be…I actually have no idea…the rest of the day? Thunder and lightening are possible! 

For the most part, the water management here at the Monastery is very good. The monsoons are causing devastating flooding in parts of India, which seems to be an annual issue on the increase. These rains water crops and takes lives. 

The rain comes and the rain goes. 

The word for ‘thunder’ in Tibetan translates to “dragon roar.” Do we welcome this dragon, or do we fear it?

the monsoon at Sera Je Monastery, India

the monsoon at Sera Je Monastery, India