On Sunday June 7, 2020, Susan Farrar, Ellen Wolf, Conor McCann (refuge students of Lama Yeshe Jinpa), and Jim Hare (Zen priest and head of practice at the Valley Stream Zen Sangha) speak about their encounter with an in-depth Sutra and Shastra teaching. All four attended Professor Jay Garfield’s “Emptiness and the Mind Perceiving It” retreat hosted by Sravasti Abbey from May 9-17, 2020. The retreat studied Yogacara texts from a phenomenological point of view. They each speak about their experiences, what they learned, and what they are bringing forward with them into the future.

For context, here is the first video of Dr. Garfield’s series, “Emptiness and the Mind Perceiving It,” given at Shravasti Abbey in May of 2020.