A photo graph of the 8th Khangser Rinpoche and a thanka of Namgyalma


Khangser Rinpoche
“The Bodhisattva Path for The Modern Life”
and initiation of Namgyalma

Join us at 12:00pm on April 29th at Lion’s Roar Oharma Center
for Khangser Rinpoche’s talk on “The Bodhisattva Path for The
Modern Life” followed by the Initiation of Namgyalma.
All Are Welcome
Namgyalma is a beloved Buddhist Goddess whose loving wisdom allows us to
open our minds to all issues and problems that arise in our daily lives.
Namgyalma is the perfect practice for Bodhisattvas who seek to open their
hearts and overcome t he struggles life presents.
We are honored to have the 8th Khangser Rinpoche, whose previous
incarnation- the 1st Khangser Rinpoche- wrote the Sadhana “1000 Offerings
to Namgyalma,” – bestow this rare initiation for the first time in the US.
Donations will be lovingly accepted through Lion’s Roar Dharma Center
and pledged to support The Dipkar Foundation, founded by Khangser Rinpoche