Online and In-Person with Jhado Tulku Rinpoche

Kalachakra Jenang
December 3 & 4, 2021

Hosted By Lion’s Roar Dharma Center

Registration is now open! Everyone is welcome! Please feel free to share this message with your community, family and friends.

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Hayagriva and Palden Lhamo Jenang
December 5, 2021

Hosted By Zanabazar Dharma Center at Do Nga Dargey Temple

Registration is now open! Everyone is welcome! Please feel free to share this message with your community, family and friends.

Hayagriva and Palden Lhamo Jenang Registration Link: Online Only

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Jhado Rinpoche’s LRDC Schedule:

December 3: Public talk Lam Rim, Friday evening 6pm- 8pm (This talk is mandatory for those who wish to attend the Kalachakra Initiation.) However, if you are not able to attend this teaching live, a recorded version available on youtube will fulfill the requirement.

December 4: Kalachakra Initiation, Saturday 11am through the afternoon.

December 5: Hayagriva and Palden Lhamo Initiation, Saturday 11am through the afternoon.

The Paramita of Generosity

Please reflect on what the dharma means to you. If you have the means to sponsor others and make a larger contribution, that would be so appreciated. Your generosity will help ensure that everyone is able to participate. A hundred percent of your donation will be used to help support Jhado Rinpoche, his entourage and this event.

Offering Dana to the Teacher

It is customary at the end of a teaching to make an offering to the Guru. There is a special donation link on the LRDC website’s donation page for donations to Jhado Rinpoche. Here is the link ~ Dana for Jhado Rinpohe

Online and In-Person Registration Links

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What is a Jenang?

The Kalachakra Jenang to be bestowed by Jhado Rinpoche at Lion’s Roar Dharma Center is not a full Kalachakra Wangkur or Empowerment. It is a permission blessing that gives people an introduction to Kalachakra with the understanding that they have either previously received a highest yoga empowerment and/or will receive a full Kalachakra Wangkur,or Empowerment in the future. Sometimes a Jenang is called an Initiation in America because we are given permission to “initiate” the practice, however, it should not be understood as a full empowerment.

Everyone with a sincere wish to bring peace and harmony into our world is encouraged to attend. We are so grateful. There is great suffering and hardship everywhere we look. Rinpoche’s teachings and Kalachakra blessings are greatly needed in these difficult times.

What is Kalachakra?

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama says this about Kalachakra: “The higher meditations of the Kalachakra tradition can be practiced only by a select few. But because of past and future events, and in order to establish a strong karmic relationship with Kalachakra in the minds of the people, there is now a tradition of giving the initiation to large public gatherings.”

Kalachakra is a Buddhist Tantra of the Highest Yoga Tantra class. According to the Sakya scholar adept Migmar Tseten, “Kalachakra itself is divided into four types of tantra, giving us an elaborate framework to understand its specifics. First, there is the outer Kalachakra. In large part, these sections are concerned with visualizing and meditating on the Buddha in the form of the meditational deity Kalachakra and chanting his mantra. Second comes the inner Kalachakra, which addresses applying the profound internal meditations on the subtle channels, vital winds, elements, and essential drops that make up the subtle (psychic) body. Third, the secret Kalachakra involves meditating on and within the ultimate meaning of the truth of emptiness. Fourth is “other,” or “alternative,” Kalachakra, which relates to the study of and meditation on the outer cosmos of our realm of existence. Alternative Kalachakra teaches us how all the physical appearances of this world are the manifestation of our collective karma; it teaches us the causes that bring about this universe. It describes the outer universe and how it directly corresponds with and reflects the inner propensities and karmic vision of all the beings within this universe. Thus, the Kalachakra tantra contains the deepest meanings of four types of tantras all within a single tradition.”

symbolic representation of the kalachakra mandalathe father-mother aspect of four faced, 21 armed kalachakra

What is Highest Yoga Tantra?

Any level of Buddhist Tantra is considered to be an advanced practice within the Mahayana tradition.

According to Alexander Berzin, Tantra can be seen as a structure on which to weave sutra practice. “When we look at the word tantra, it’s a Sanskrit word and what it means is the warp of a loom. A loom is something that you weave cloth on, and the warp are the strings of this loom that you then weave other strings across in order to make a piece of cloth. The image of that is that tantra is a type of practice that provides a structure onto which we can weave all the different themes of practice that we’ve developed already in sutra. Sutra practice is the basic practice.”

There are two main systems for enumerating Buddhist Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism: the Nyingma/Old School system of Six Tantras and the Sarma/New Schools system of Four Tantras. The Four Tantra system is also sometimes employed by Nyingma scholars, and there is no conflict. The term “Highest Yoga Tantra” is a classification from the Four Tantra system. As it’s name implies, Highest Yoga Tantra is the supreme level of tantric practice.

For a more in-depth treatment of this subject, a good source is Alexander Berzin

What is Hayagriva?

Hayagriva is a “wrathful” emanation of Amitabha, lord of the Lotus family; he is in essence the wrathful form of Chenrezig/Avalokiteshvara. Wrathful here is not an indication of anger or conflict. A wrathful manifestation of an enlightened Buddha-deity is highly energetic and irresistible, not angry.

Sutra of Forming Hayagriva states: “Whoever, including even the insects, has heard the name and mantra of Hayagriva only one time will never again fall into the lower paths.”

Hayagriva is a pure embodiment of compassion that is impervious to all obstacles within space and time. Lama Jigme Rinpoche said, “In today’s age, it is a degenerate time where the five poisons and negative emotions are very strong. So we need a deity like Hayagriva to empower ourselves. Also negative influences today are so strong as well, like the coronavirus.”

the horse-headed hayagriva, wrathful buddhist deity of compassion

What is Palden Lhamo?

Palden Lhamo is the great protector (Sanskrit dharmapala) of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism. Her role is to maintain and protect the health and well being of our Lamas, the Dharma, and our Sangha. She takes a wrathful form. She arises spontaneously with fully developed compassion in order to subdue the evils of the three realms and to protect the doctrines of the three times. It is important for sincere students to practice Palden Lhamo to ensure the well being of our Lamas and the Dharma.

the main protector of the Gelug school of tibetan buddhism palden lhamo

a representation of the highest yoga kalachakra mandala