The New Forums Initiative

The Lion’s Roar Dharma Center community needs a responsive method for communicating together that is more effective than using text messages and emails. Because we don’t have staff or residents, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks and for people not to be aware of things that are going on. An open and accessible method of communication will help us all to be informed about what the many things that are happening at Lion’s Roar. To accomplish this, Lama Jinpa conceived of having a forum in which all Sangha members can participate.

This is the beginning of executing that idea. Rather than wait for a fully developed and perfected implementation, we are flying by the spontaneous intention to create a fluid communications environment. Much will change. More will change as more people participate and we work together to bring Lama’s vision to fruition.

Who Can Participate?

At this stage, only refuge Sangha are registered to participate — and all refuge Sangha are registered. But the forums are open, so anyone can view the discussions. Closed forums can also created when the need arises.

If you are not a refuge member of Lion’s Roar Dharma Center but wish to participate in the forum, please email Dirk Johnson at In order to reduce spam, this is not an active link, so you must either copy and paste it or type it into your email program.

Current Forums

To get the ball rolling, the so-called “Keymaster” (that’s forum lingo) has created four forums.

A forum is a collection of topics within a category. As a participant, you can reply to topics and create topics. If you are having difficulty, please contact Dirk for assistance.

The current forums are listed below. This stuff will be prettied up in the future.

Temple Maintenance and Improvement

This forum is for people to coordinate with each other and to communicate with others about what is being done to the building and grounds of the temple.

Community Activites

This forum is for discussing and communicating about community activities such as the Book Club, Kirtan, Exercise Group, Mural, Friendship Park Breakfast, and so forth.

Practice Group Communications
Although the calendar lists the practice groups, this forum is for active discussion of scheduling changes and leadership changes as well as for discussions about ways to improve and/or enhance the groups. Lama wants us to avoid using text messages and emails and begin to communicate more as a community.

Buddhadharma Study Program

This forum is for discussing the Buddhadharma study programs readings and to coordinate study groups. The reading list will be posted here as well. This is a public forum. A more private channel devoted specifically to the study program is being initiated. The intention here is to stimulate community discussion. The forums are a large new project all by themselves. Your patience is appreciated while they are being initialized.