Your Annual Donation

Refuge. Think about the word, and how important it is to you as a Buddhist.

I take Refuge in the Guru.
I take Refuge in the Buddha.
I take Refuge in the Dharma.
I take Refuge in the Sangha.

This is every Buddhist’s commitment to their Sangha. Lion’s Roar Dharma Center plays a pivotal role in every Sangha member’s life. It is important to us for all of the wonderful events available that enrich our lives and for the valuable teachings we receive.

Thanks to generous efforts from Sangha members and the sale of the monk’s house property at Bellingham Way, we have been fortunate this year to pay off a large percentage of the mortgage for the temple. That still leaves an outstanding loan of a little over two hundred thousand dollars. Paying off that loan in the next three years would make money available for programs, community related activities, and to support visiting teachers.

We thank you for the importance of your membership in the Sangha, and the part that you play in Lion’s Roar Dharma Center. Please make a contribution that expresses your appreciation and will help your Dharma Center grow.

Lion’s Roar runs entirely on donations. Your donations help keep our dream alive of spreading Dharma in our community. We are deeply grateful for your contributions which keep our classes and programs running smoothly. Every dollar counts to us and we work hard to use your money wisely.  No amount is too small to contribute- $5, $20, $50, means so much to us and the money you donate to Lion’s Roar is completely tax deductible.

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