Today we were joined by Geshe Damchoe and Lama Jinpa to bless the Kalachakra mural. After a few words about Lion’s Roar’s mission and history, as well dedication to dharma, Lama Jinpa and Geshe Damchoe tell how the image which is the center piece was found with the help our Geshe Tsewang. The local artist, Jonny Knudson, who will be completing the mural, was on hand to talk about his experiences with dharma. The outside gathering then moves to the wall for the blessing. Those gathered circumambulate the Temple while saying the Kalachakra mantra. As part of the celebration, Johnny and Lama Jinpa began the painting on upper part of the wall. (The lower half has been previously completed.) Like all our Sunday Services, this was a live event. We had two cell phones broadcasting the outdoor event. The recording, at times, isn’t very clear to watch or maybe difficult to hear. We hope the spirit and energy of occasion still comes through!