Dear Sangha Family and Friends,

Tashi Delek!

Greetings from Lama Yeshe Jinpa, and Geshe Damchoe la of Do Nga Dargey Temple of Lion’s Roar Dharma Center in Sacramento, California!

Lama la  wishes to keep you abreast of what is happening at our center so we can celebrate together.  With your help and generosity, Lama la is fulfilling his Heart Teacher, Jhado Rinpoche’s dream and vision to compassionately serve through sharing the dharma. Our mandala is ever expanding  to include more and more sentient beings. You are part of this Mandala. You have each inspired Lama la. He is so grateful. Below is a snapshot of life at Do Nga Dargey of  Lion’s Roar Dharma Center.

Enlightened Sacred  Art

Our resident artist, Phoenix continues to work on our Temple’s entryway mural. A three dimensional enlightenment stupa, surrounded by a tiger, a Garuda, a Lion and a Dragon welcomes visitors as they cross the threshold into our home. The mural  is so beautiful but there is more. Phoenix has broadened his original vision to include another whole wall. The mural will now completely wrap around our foyer bringing energy, healing and light into our temple home. If you feel inspired by this project and are moved to be a benefactor, please contact Lama Jinpa.

“Art Saves Lives.” Lama Yeshe Jinpa

Refuge Tree

A generous sangha member had the Refuge Tree thangka  Jhado Rinpoche had presented to Lama Jinpa earlier this year professionally framed. Lama Jinpa directed it to be be hung in a prominent place in the front near the shrine.

Compassionate Needs Bulletin Board

A few weeks ago, Lama la suggested Lion’s Roar install a new bulletin board to be be used exclusively for helping our sangha and our community. Examples of help include things like offering services or a needed ride or practical household items etc.  The board is also a place to ask for help. Lama la’s deep wish to benefit sentient beings inspired this project. Eventually, there will be a similar board online.

Within a week of the board going up, an amazing thing happened. A very kind member, who is a professional painter, offered to do one day paint jobs with all proceeds going towards our temple’s reserve fund. What a wonderful offer! When this person was thanked for their kindness, they humbly said, “I don’t need any recognition. I just want to help.”

Tara Thangka, Tara Garden, Tara Prayer Room and Tara Library

A dedicated long time practitioner donated their personal, beautiful Green Tara thangka. This thangka has been placed next to the Refuge Tree. He presented it to Lama la this past Sunday.

Our Tara garden continues to grow more beautiful by the day.  Colorful flowers and vibrant lush greenery surround our temple home. Soon we will have benches and walkways that invite people to meditate outdoors, under the bright blue sky.

A beautiful prayer wheel has been installed on the edge of our garden and now welcomes people who enter Do Nga Dargey from the side door.

Recently, a member of the public stepped forward and offered their personal Tara shrine for us to use in our Temple’s Tara prayer room. We were so touched

And if you have spent any time at our temple the past few weeks, you have most likely noticed a gentle and kind member quietly organizing and cataloguing our sacred Tara library. We are so fortunate.

Wonderful News!

We no longer have a black iron fence surrounding our grounds.  Members of our community worked alongside members of the public to dismantle and haul it away. What a difference! Do Nga Dargey now has an even more open, free and friendly look.

Auspicious Event

A week ago, Lama Jinpa went to a small shop to have his watch repaired. While there, he noticed a small antique store next door and decided to check it out. Immediately he was drawn to a very precious object, it was a very large antique Tibetan butter lamp. Lama la bought it from the vendor and placed it on our shrine. He said the butter lamp was meant to be with us.

Protector Room

Lama Jinpa and Geshe Damchoe la continue to mentor and guide sangha members with Palden Lhamo and white Mahakala practice.  Geshe Damchoe has offered to teach members how to make torma offerings.