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      On the 10th Ground:

      B. The purity of the paramita of primordial wisdom On this ground, the paramita of primordial wisdom is perfected. The difference between wisdom (shes rab) and primordial wisdom (ye shes) is said to consist in the presence or absence of dual appearance (that is, a division between the perceiver and the perceived). However, in the Bodhisattvabhumi-shastra, it is said: “The paramita of primordial wisdom is the complete knowledge of every aspect of phenomena (both ultimate and relative). It is wisdom that apprehends their ultimate nature, while it is primordial wisdom that apprehends the relative.” In fact, when the ultimate truth is apprehended in one taste with the relative, and when at the same time dual appearance subsides, no division can be made between the ultimate and the relative; they are of one taste. The primordial wisdom therefore is the outcome of wisdom.

    • EllenWolfe
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      Thank you Dirk,

      I appreciated Lama’s talk on Monday because I hadn’t made the connections between Chandrakirti’s chapters, the Buhmis and the paramitas.   To be honest I’m still not sure of the sameness/differentness between the buhmis and the paramitas.  They seem quite parallel but not exactly referring to the same aspect.  Any thoughts?


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