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    • Dirk Johnson
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      Please respond with your thoughts about this…

      We did a test yesterday for practicing together online using Google Hangouts Meet. The consensus was that it would be best, during the actual practice, for participants other than the leader to mute their microphones.

      But this got me thinking. During the Lunar Practice, we change leaders every time someone feels a need to begin the mantra recitation. This format seems particularly well-suited to the online format. The first leader recites the 100 syllable mantra 7 times and everyone participates with their microphones off. Then the leader also mutes their microphone and all sit until someone feels the need to do the mantra, at which point that person unmutes their microphone and chants the mantra 3 times. Everyone else can either chant along (with muted microphones) or just sit.

      I think this is a perfect format for practicing alone together. It can keep everyone more connected than just following someone. Anyway, it feels that way to me.

      And I would like to roll it out to more sessions than only the lunar quarters until the temple is open again. What do you think?

      That format could also be adapted to the Barchad Lamsel practice. We could sing the prayer together and then do mantras silently. Any time someone feels that they need to break from the mantra to sing the prayer, they could turn on their microphone and sing the prayer. The rest can either sing the prayer with their microphones off or just let the singing be and continue with the mantra…. or even just sit.

      Again, I think this would work well for online practice. What do you think?

      Vajrasattva Mantra for moon practice sessions: https://lionsroardharmacenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/VajrasatttvaMantraAndTranslation.pdf

      Barchad Lamsel single page format: https://lionsroardharmacenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Barchad-Lamsel-One-Page.pdf

      Barchad Lamsel booklet format (for printing double sided): https://lionsroardharmacenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Barchad-Lamsel-Practice-Booklet.pdf

    • SusanFarrar
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      I think your protocol suggestion for Lunar practice sounds very workable. It seems a good idea to offer the Barchad Lamsel practice too – Maybe on the Mondays when it’s regularly scheduled? However, I’m afraid that I don’t sing the prayer – I say it in English 3 times before beginning mantra, so I probably would not participate in that part of the practice, just stay mute.
      Thanks for generously offering your time to host these sessions. We are all grateful.

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