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    • EllenWolfe
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      During these changing times we’re here to help one another.  Watching the outflow of generosity since COVID-19 has really touched me. More than ever the challenges make me want to share what I have with others who may be more adversely impacted.

      If you are in need of anything please reach out. You can post on this forum.  Or if you would prefer to reach out more privately, my email is ewolfe@resero.com, and I’m happy to work with people to maintain confidentiality.  I am pleased to connect any needs with others who would like to offer something of value.

      If you’re shut in and need an errand, if you’ve lost your source of income and have a late bill, if you have food but no TP, or TP but not food, or no TP and no food, feel free to use the Sangha to help you through these times.  Also, if you miss connecting and would like someone to talk with or practice with, please do connect – either through the forum or by sending me, or another Sangha member a note or calling.

      And if other Sangha members would like to offer anything through this forum I invite you to post as well.

      My aspiration is that these times can bring us closer to enlightenment, or said otherwise that we come out stronger than we were before.

      In dharma,


    • Dirk Johnson
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      Thank you, Ellen! It’s good to have a central organizer. I will help if needed. Please let me know as requests come in to you. Om Ah Hung!

    • SusanFarrar
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      Thanks so much for your generous offer of assistance. I’m grateful for the opportunity to join you. While I probably shouldn’t be out grocery shopping and such, I certainly have plenty of time and an ’empty’ ear to help anyone who may need to talk and connect. My email is farsusan@gmail.com and I’m all ears.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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