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    • ElizabethZima
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      Hey, I just got this book entitled: Tsongkhapa: A Buddha in the Land of the Snows by Thupten Jinpa. It is from a series and is written for practitioners and not scholars. It is a terrific read. There is a whole chapter (at least as far as I’ve gotten) on his exploration of emptiness that includes a lot from his writings and writings from several of his teachers at the time.

      Quotes I like:

      4 Reliances

      “Rely not on the person, but on the teaching, rely not on the words but on the meaning, rely not on the provisional meaning but on the definite meaning, and rely not on the intellectual understanding but on the experiential understanding through wisdom.”


      From a letter:

      When, with respect to all phenomena of samsara and nirvana

      You see that cause and effect never transgress their laws,

      And when you have dismantled the focus of objectification,

      At that point, you have entered the path that pleases the buddhas.

      As long as the two understandings — Of appearance, the regulated world of dependent origination,

      And the emptiness, the absence of all standpoints– remain separate,

      You have not realized the intent of the Sage.

      However, at some point when, without alteration and at once,

      The instant you see that dependent origination is undeceiving

      If the entire object of grasping at certitude is dismantled,

      At that point your analysis of the view is complete.

      Furthermore, when appearance dispels the extreme of existence,

      And you understand how emptiness arises as cause and effect,

      You will never be swayed by views of grasping at extremes.


      I ordered this on Amazon and it came the next day.

    • SusanFarrar
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      I just heard about this on a podcast from Sravasti Abbey – comes highly recommended by them as well.  Thubten Jinpa books usually are way over my head, so I’m looking forward to reading this.  He’s a superb writer.

    • ElizabethZima
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      Susan, this book will not be way over your head. I am reading everything twice because I am savoring the knowledge and story soooo much. I am also happy to loan this book when I am finished.

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