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      For those of you still working your way through Chandrakirti, a glimpse of Book 4, has me encourage you to speed reed.  Just reading Thurman’s intro, it seems to shift gears in our BPD to now Maitreya and Atisha’s application of a sorts of Nagarjuna’s work to more modern (a couple hundred years later) Buddhists.  The teaching presented is laid our more like a path or journey one takes toward Buddhahood.   Thurman offers at the end of the intro…”May all experience ‘the joys of beholding an ornament of beaten gold, eating a fine feast when famished, seeing a lotus in full bloom receiving good news in a letter from afar, and throwing open in bright sunlight a casket filled with priceless jewels.'”

      If that sounds enticing please speed read the rest of your Chandrakirti and join me in Book 4.  As Lama said, just like meditation, you don’t have to get it perfect!


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