The GARDEN Diaries – The Lumbini Garden

The GARDEN Diaries – The Lumbini Garden

If you haven’t yet heard, Lion’s Roar is in the planning stages of creating its very own outdoor sacred space with seasonable crops and flowers, a deck with overhead pergola and flowing vines, bistro tables and chairs, fairies and fountain, and more. Perhaps a statue of Kwan Yen, dragons, Tibetan medicinal plants… It will be called the Lumbini Garden, which means “the lovely” and Lama Jinpa will be the Master Gardener. Others are encouraged to sponsor a shrub, statue, tree, etc.

How important is this garden in the scheme of things? When Lion’s Roar was actively trying to get His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit Sacramento, the concept of Sacred Space was a kind of backdrop that helped fuel the vision. Now we have a permanent place in which we can bring the vision to life. And space helps create potential and opportunity both within a community and within the individual.

Our temple structure is arising from the earth just like Buddhas arise out of flowers. The area around the temple is sacred land giving a sense of openness and  connection with earth. The trees, water, sky – we are part of them.

Any garden or sacred space has a practical side (such as shade and function), a social aspect (for connecting with others), a mystical/magical side (think secret garden), and a romantic trait (which enters the heart space). In addition, more places for hide-n-seek, garden games and garden parties. These are just as important.

What are your favorite kinds of gardens – English, Italian, Japanese, Whimsical or other? And do you already have a strong connection with nature or do you sense some disconnection? For many of us, Nature is spiritual space that helps us feel a greater connection to “something larger”. From there, gratitude, clarity and meaning emerge like beautiful little seedlings from the earth.