Geshe Sangye on Compassion!

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Geshe Sangye speaks of Compassion – Thursday Right Livelihood session is all about

By Ellen Wolfe

As some of you know, Lion’s Roar was blessed by the visit of Geshe Ngawang Sangye last Monday (October 24, 2016).  Geshe Sangye, a leading teacher from Sera Jey Monastery in India, spoke on the Mahayana Uttaratantra Shastra: The Ultimate Continuum of the Great Way.  Venerable Steve from Land of Medicine Buddha was translating Geshe La’s words and did a fantastic job. Even though Geshe Sangye’s words had to be translated, his wonderfully entertaining story-telling style was experienced by all attending. Geshe Sangye described how there is a seed of Buddha in each and every sentient being, and that our focusing on this both enhances our own practice to Buddhahood and enhances our compassion for all other beings – given that they all have the same Buddha-nature seed or essence.

I was physically moved when Geshe La described the signs we can experience that our Buddha nature is awakening, including that upon seeing another being we have goosebumps and are overjoyed and filled with love – simply because our compassion is so strong for others. Doesn’t that seem wonderful?! I was brave enough to ask during the Q&A session: “How do we stay inspired when we yet don’t see experience those signs regularly?” Geshe Sangye responded that we need not worry, because the path toward seeing such signs includes practicing compassion for others, and practicing compassion itself brings joy to one’s life.

Geshe La’s talk was a perfect inspiration for this week’s Right Livelihood talk which will take place on Thursday evening (November 3rd) in the main temple. The session, “Compassion in the Real World”, is the last of several Thursday evening Right Livelihood talks that were held this year and follows perfectly on the heels of Geshe Sangye’s visit. All are welcome to come learn: What exactly is compassion? How is compassion different from empathy? What goes on neurologically and physiologically when compassion is at play? How can we practice compassion with ease and in a manner that brings joy? We’ll learn why empathetic people can get weighed down when relating to other’s negative emotions, and we’ll discuss practices and ways of being that can replace such heavy experiences with experiences of love and joy.

The Right Livelihood speaker series this year is being presented in a multi-media and multi-modality manner; it offers practical information to better understand concepts such as compassion and offers practices that allow us to bring compassion into our everyday lives.

Please feel free to join us this Thursday, November 3rd at 5:30 pm. The session will run to approximately 6:45 pm, and we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to have some refreshments and get settled.  Donations to offset Lion’s Roar’s expenses are welcome but not necessary.

For more information please see our calendar.

Wolfe bio pictureEllen Wolfe is a Lion’s Roar practice leader and is a certified Search Inside Yourself instructor. In her “spare” time she runs an energy consulting company, and enjoys her sons (ages 14 and 31), husband, dog, 5 chickens, one-acre suburban home, and 900-acre ranch.