Temple Etiquette Guidelines & Typical Practice Session Outline

Arrive a few minutes early - Everyone is appreciated for helping to set up the meditation hall for practice. If you are new, simply volunteer a helping hand and someone will direct you.

ShoesPlease remove your shoes before entering the shrine or meditation hall.

Sit quietly in the meditation hall. Many will be practicing premeditation sitting. Please refraim from unnecessary conversation prior to the practice session. You are welcome to practice silent mantra recitations. Please be mindful when counting mantras on your mala so as to not disturb a neighboring sitter. These requests are to assist in setting an environment that lends itself to personal reflection and one of sacred space.

A gong will sound announcing the arrival of the teacher. It is appropriate to stand when the teacher enters or leaves the room. To show respect for the teacher and the teachings, many people place both hands together at their chest and bow. Some people do prostrations to help remind us of this precious opportunity.

Opening prayers - Prayer books are provided, please return them to the basket after the session. Page numbers are announced so everyone can follow along. Please treat the Dharma books, meditation texts, or prayer beads as sacred objects and not place them on the floor, sit or step on or over them. Download PDF Prayer Book

Meditation HallMeditation and Dharma talk - Each session can be different; sometimes starting with meditation other times with a Dharma talk followed by meditation. There is often time for questions and answers.

During Meditation Session - If you are not familiar with meditation, simply sit quietly. If you become uncomfortable, it is OK to occassionally mindfully shift your position. It is also OK to leave the shrine room anytime during the program.

Closing Prayers

Pre-Practice Orientation

You are welcome to arrive 30 minutes early to any event and receive pre-practice orientation on sitting meditation and a brief introduction about Lion's Roar Dharma Center. Please feel free to bring a friend also.

Lama Yeshe Jinpa giving Dharma talk.

Lama Yeshe Jinpa

Post Session

Frequently the teacher will remain afterwards in the "green room" to visit with new and returning participants. Please introduce yourself to a LRDC member and request an introduction to the teacher, or simply introduce yourself directly. Our teachers value personal interaction with all attendees.