Sakyadhita Women's Group - "Daughters of the Buddha"

It will be an all new experience at Sakyadhita practice beginning in 2013.

Lion's Roar Sakyadhita is open to all women with the desire to study or simply explore the Dharma. The evening begins with traditional Buddhist prayers, recitation of Tara's mantra OM TARE TU TARE TURE SOHA, followed by a sitting meditation session and group discussion of the text.

If you are new to Lion's Roar this is a wonderful time to visit the Sakyadhita Practice group. You are welcome to come and listen to women share the Dharma, ask questions of the presenters.

The Dharma is not meant to be solely intellectual, but study is essential to applying to our lives what the Buddha taught. Let's have some fun while we help each other "wake up" to the Buddha's teachings through serious study, personal sharing as it relates to the text and mutual support as we dive deeper into the Dharma of our lived experiences.

The Buddha taught the Dharma as a guide for us to train our body, speech and mind to become compassionate beings. The intention is to apply the teachings (Dharma) in our 'daily' lived experiences. We are a lively women's group who approach tough Dharma topics with authenticity and quite often fill the room with laughter as we see ourselves in each others' struggles, recognising we are not unique in our lived experiences.

First time visitors, as well as long time practitioners, are equally welcome to attend.

If you are interested in news on when and where the next Sakyadhitta practice will take place please sign-up for our email announcement and choose the "Sakyadhitta" option.


Guide to the Bodhsattva Way of Life

"For as long as space endures and for as long
as the world lasts,
may I live dispelling the miseries of the world." Shantideva

The text can be found at many local bookstores or on

Beginning Again

April 15, 2013

1st and 3rd Mondays
7:00pm to 8:30pm
(doors open 6:30pm)

Guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life

by Geshe Damchoe

Genla Photo

Sacramento Friends Meeting Hall, 890 57th Street, Sacramento, CA